Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux

Luminous flux (Φv) energy per unit time (dQ / dt) that is emitted from a source at visible wavelengths. In particular, the human eye is sensitive to energy emitted in the wavelength range 780 nm to about 330 nm.

Thus, the luminous flux in the visible spectrum is a weighted average of Radiant Flux. It is a weighted average of all visible wavelengths, because the human eye is not the answer.

Photometry, luminous flux or luminous efficiency is the measure of the perceived power of light. The radiation flux is different from that of the total luminous flux light at different wavelengths of light to the power of the different sensitivity of the human eye to be measured is adapted in connection.

The SI unit of luminous flux lumen (lm) is. A steroidal solid angle of a light source to a lumen by the candela intensity of light transmits is defined as the light flux. In other systems of units, luminous flux are engines.