Luminous intensity

Luminous intensity

Luminous intensity is the power radiated from the light source in a particular direction, weighted with the spectral sensitivity of the eye.

In the measurement of light and luminous intensity is a measure of the power of the wavelength emitted by the likely source of light in a particular direction at an angle and solid unit, based on the lighting function, and this unified model of the sensitivity of the human eye. The SI unit of luminous intensity is Candela (CD), and SI base unit.

Offers photometry with measurement of visible light from the point of view of the human eye. The human eye can only see light in the visible spectrum and have different sensitivities to different wavelengths of light in the spectrum. When adapted for bright conditions (see optical), and the eye is most sensitive to light green and yellow at 555 nm.

Radiant light with the same intensity in other waves have less luminous intensity. Curve, which measures the response of the human eye to light is a standard of knowledge, known as the lighting function.