Ecolit Master Catalogue

We would like to announce first version ECOLIT master catalogue has been released officially. This is the very first time we have an ECOLIT catalogue. From last several years we are working on the brand building which you all can find on the catalogue. It’s a home brand developed exclusively for LEDWORLD and with this release we would like to clarify and explain major changes to the brand identity.  

Now team ledworld can confidently say to everyone “ yes this our own brand we are proud of ”

ECOLIT – economical solutions for quality lighting – divided in to 4 major RANGEs

1.      ECOLIT – this is the common range to cater mass selling products in two price ranges ecolit-value and ecolit- pro and all completely made in PRC

2.      Ecolit STAR collection – ESTAR – this will be a medium level standard products to cater commercial and outdoor applications. We have suppliers from PRC, Taiwan and Korea

3.      Ecolit BRIGHT collection – EBRIGHT – here we deal with professional products for specific needs mostly project oriented. Still prices are economical

4.      Ecolit decorative collection – DECOLIT – this is the very new addition and we are still working on the final version and scheduled to release within few weeks. We will have great collection of festive lights, solar lights, gift and giveaways, decorative pendants in this range. 

All products are handpicked from more than 60 various suppliers which we test and proven before taking in to our portfolio. Most of the products you people are already aware since we have been selling from the first day of our inception.

You can download the catalogue fro the below link