The story of ELkom Elektonic INC. started with a small TV repair shop in the early 1980’s. The management of the company always attached great significance to the quality if the service they provide. Consequently, they have made company started to increase its market share, and even make successful exportations, which rapidly increased the prestige of the company. At that point, more appropriate name which would suit the company’s goals and maintain the actual success to marketing level become necessary. Therefore, the company is operating under the name Elkom Elektronik Inc, since 1993.

The company grows on average of 10% every year. Within the course of time, it enlarged its product variety by adding poured, Switch Mode, High Voltage Transformers as well as Coil, Grid Filters, Gas Combustion Systems and Neon Transformers to its product range. Consequently, the company increased the variety of the sectors of services such as television, industrial cooling, white appliances, security, industrial automation and illumination.

Our products are led driver, cold cathod power supply, neon power supplies, constant voltage driver, high efficiency pfc driver etc.