We have grown to the provider of the total solution in the field of electric power and electronic parts by developing and manufacturing various reliable SMPS, SSR, Noise Filter using all our employees creativity, passion and ability to rise to challenge.

We have done tremendous efforts for our customers to use SMPS , SSR , Noise Filter with high reliability and high efficiency in the field of communication , industrial field ,electric sign board , broadcasting , electric system , banking , medical equipment etc. We will also cope with developing and manufacturing SMPS of customized specification for the satisfaction of various and changing requirements of customers very quickly and production of small quantity with various kinds.

In order to cope effectively with the fast pace of the business environment, and for continued development and stable profits, Unionelecom is investing its capabilities in R&D and marketing. Also, we continue to invest in both advanced technologies and human resources, and make transparent and fair management so that our skilled and talented people can achieve their goals.

All our employees will do our utmost to make a sound and reliable company through maximizing customer satisfaction, best quality , best price and fast A/S.

Through the concerted efforts of customers and suppliers, Unionelecom will make the big leap to become a global enterprise, evolving into a successful legend.The different categories of our products are UP-L Series, UP-F Series, UPF-F Series, UPF-CF Series, UPF-W Series, UPF-CW Series, UP-W2 Series, Waterproof smps with constant voltage driver, Waterproof smps with constant voltage circuit and PFC function driver etc.