Hyrite Neonpro

Hyrite Neonpro

Hyrite Lighting Company, also known as Neonpro Co, has 17 years experience in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic power supplies, one of an extremely successful range of signage products including, over the last five years, LED modules and driver units.

The senior management having recognized the ongoing success and further potential of our LED products and utilizing their experience and proven track record in innovative product design and manufacture has formed Hyrite Lighting Company solely dedicated to manufacturing products specifically for the LED signage and lighting markets.Our products are currently being used in many countries under different technical standards in a variety of climate conditions.In addition we offer comprehensive OEM and ODM services to our partners.The company operates from a 15000 m² factory in Guangdong, China with an additional office in USA.

Our product range include: Waterproof led power supply, Indoor mesh type led power supply, rainproof led power supply, IP66 waterproof etc.