Basics of Digital Display

Basics of Digital Display

What is an LED?

A light emitting diode (LED) is a tiny, electronic semiconductor that converts electric energy into visible light. The chemical compound use within an LED determines its color, brightness and power efficiency. Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs have no filaments that can burn out or fail.

What is a pixel?

Pixel is the short for picture element pixels are point of lights that eliminate together to form letter, words graphics, animation and video images.

A pixel can be made up of a single LED, multiple LED of the same color or multiple LEDs of different colors, a pixel is the smallest element of the electronic display system that can be individually controlled.It can be turned off or on at various brightness level

What is resolution?

Resolution is the basic measurement of how much information as screen shows based on the total number of pixels within the display area and is a significant factor in determining image quality.

Pixel pitch (center-to-center spacing between display pixels) and the display’s physical dimensions help to determine resolution.

What is module?

An led module is a combination of parts that form the building blocks of led video display, message centers and dynamic message signs .module is the smallest units parts to assembly full LED display screen

What is cabinet?

A cabinet is assembled with many pcs of standard modules .cabinet is made of iron or aluminum material. The many pcs cabinets are used to assemble a whole display screen. All the outdoor cabinets are water proof.

What are viewing angles?

LED displays are brightest when viewed “head on “and slowly decrees in the brightness as the viewing angles increases. The viewing angles of the LED display-both horizontal and vertical are the angles at which the intensity has dropped 50% from the direct “head-on” brightness.

How to choose right LED Display?

Firstly the pixel pitch is the most important factor according to different application, because that decide viewing distance and the cost. For example P10 means the LED display pixel pitch is 10 MM, and its viewing is about 10 -18 meters the pixel pitch is smaller, the resolution and definition is more higher but the viewing distance is more closer and shorter.

Secondly the pixel pitch mostly effect the price and pixel pitch is more smaller the pixel dot is more denser and the price is more expensive so the clients must choose the appropriate pixel pitch according to viewing distance, display size and other application factors.

In other words ,Large pixel pitch often apply to big display size and long viewing distance ,Small  pixel pitch often apply to small size and close viewing distance.

Application Character

For full color series they are often used to display video, animation, flash, picture and live tv or video broadcast. For example, such as outdoor and indoor advertising media, exhibition show, stage, bars, theaters, sports, games, supermarkets, shop mall and other entertainment and commercial field. For single and double color, they are widely used to display sign, signage, text and other public information. Such as: manufacturing plants, transportation/highways, commercial and retail stores, restaurants, schools, scoreboard, safety, call centers and so on.

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