Slim LED Light Box

Slim LED Light Box

These slimline lighboxes, or edge-lit lightboxes, have a number of benefits over old-style backlit boxes.

Environmentally Friendly LED Light Boxes
Most significantly they produce a more even illumination of the graphics displayed. Backlit light boxes tend to have “hot spots” or “shadows” in their lighting, while slimlines produce a smooth even light across the face of the display.

They operate using 60% fewer fluorescent tubes than older boxes, which results in lower power bills, less maintenance and a reduced environmental impact.

And, of course, they are much thinner than backlit light boxes so they do not intrude on the internal space of a shop or corporate fit-out and have a more modern and sophisticated look about them.

Changing posters in this SDB lightbox is a simple procedure that takes just moments. The plastic lens of the light box attaches to the aluminium light box construction using magnets and Velcro and can be removed from the light box using the suction cup which is supplied with the unit. Graphics are then attached to the back of the lens by means of a magnetic hinge.

Invest in your displays with one of our modern A3 LED light boxes. The light emitted from this slimline light box is powered by LED’s which use less voltage and energy than most other light sources while still giving you a bright display that is good for the environment.

LED’s have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and are more durable than other light sources so you’ll never have the need to replace them, which reduces maintenance costs.